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Resources & FAQs

Niess Impressions Templates!

Here’s a little something we’ve been working on to better help our customers. If you’re looking to submit your own artwork to get printed here, please use these templates to set up your file. This will GREATLY help the finished product. All you need to do is unzip the file and you will have access to the different files for various programs. Thanks!

Gradually, we will add more templates and possibly seperate them out so you can download exactly what you need and not everything else. Keep checking back on this page for new templates or email us if you need a different one and our artists will load it on here for you to take advantage of!

Niess Impressions Projects

Can I Submit my own Artwork?

Absolutely! You can send your artwork in a digital format to our email address at or you can submit your artwork here through our website at this page!

Are there any templates available?

There will soon be templates available for you to download and use.

For now, please send us whatever artwork you need printed and we will reach out with any questions/concerns.